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Additional modules

Our CRM system offers many complementary modules that extend the scope of its functionality. This ensures a comprehensive solution without the need for integration with external applications.



MAIL module enables sending e-mails and offers advanced support for mailing campaigns.

It provides integration with other mail clients, e.g: Outlook, Thunderbird. Thanks to this, it is possible to archive  important e-mail correspondence, both incoming and outgoing.


CRM projects module


The PROJECT module is a tool supporting team realisation of long-term projects in our CRM program.

It allows you to gain full control over the processes taking place in the company. Within the context of a given project, employees appointed for its execution exchange information, delegate tasks, enter sales information, report absences and generate costs.


Service crm online


The SERVICE module is an extension of the CRM system designed for companies with a service department.

The module provides mechanisms for managing service orders related to granted guarantees and previously defined service contracts. It also offers tools for planning service activities.

Reports for the service module allow you to control the maintenance costs of your service department. They also provide an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of employees' work and the profitability of machinery sales.


crm forms module


The FORMS module provides mechanisms for defining and adding any number of additional/non-standard objects.

Forms describing the objects can be created by the Customer on his own without the need of intervention of the software producer. This ensures that the CRM system can be freely extended with elements that reflect the specific nature of the company's business.


crm reports module


The CRM module of ITCube is equipped with a set of basic reports.

The REPORTS environment should be used to fully exploit the analytical potential of the application. The module has a wide range of graphical summaries and statistics that enable detailed data analysis.

What is important, the analyses can be performed on any device on which a web browser is available.



Integrator crm erp


Customers who are interested in having an integrated IT solution can use the INTEGRATOR module to connect to an external trading system. Thanks to this, all the information available to the company about a given customer will be accessible from the single application.

The INTEGRATOR module supports the following software:


crm Import API

Import API

The IMPORT API module is designed for customers who want to be able to automatically, periodically supply the database of the CRM application from external sources.

For example, the ITCube database can be supplied with information from online shops, websites or other applications.

Thanks to this module, the Customer is able to create a single database in which all company data will be collected and then used and analysed without the need to manually re-enter the information.


crm B2B extranet


EKSTRANET is an add-on to the CRM module offering a B2B platform for the exchange of information with business partners.

In a simple and functional way, it enables the presentation of the company's product offer on the Internet, acquiring new customers and maintaining lasting relationships with customers.

For the Customer, it is a convenient communication channel allowing for quick placing of orders, browsing the assortment, downloading interesting information and submitting service orders.


CTI crm


CTI extension is a solution for customers who wish to closely integrate CRM applications with the company's ICT infrastructure.

Integration is possible through connection to the telephone exchange, to which the manufacturer provides TAPI driver - the global standard for communication with the telecommunications environment. It should be noted that practically all leading manufacturers of telephone exchanges (Slican, Platan, Siemens, Avaya, Panasonic) offer support for their products in this area.




SMS/ICAL is a solution for companies whose employees are relatively often away from the company's headquarters and, additionally, do not always have the possibility to access the system on-line.

In such a situation, a very useful function is the ability to communicate with our CRM via a mobile phone and to integrate with mobile calendars.


Fax crm


In order to get a complete picture of the history of correspondence with the customer, CRM system offers the FAX add-on. It allows to send and receive faxes using FAX2MAIL servers.



Version START is the perfect tool for companies that need a proven, stable CRM system for a small amount of money. This version contains selected functionalities from CRM and MAIL modules.

Thanks to the default settings, it is a simple and easy to use system. Version START allows for a smooth transition to the more advanced ITCube program in the future.


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