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The core module of the system enables, among other things, management of information concerning companies, contact persons, products and documents. Thanks to the CRM module, we can also easily manage working time and complete the sales process from the moment of preparing an offer, through the order, to invoicing. The basic module also supports the mechanisms of information exchange within the company.


Companies and contacts detailed database

The CRM module offers the possibility of storing detailed information about companies and contact persons. The form of the contractor and the contact person consists not only of contact details but also of a set of features or additional fields, which can be defined by the user. Thus, it guarantees the possibility of describing contractors in such a way that they include not only standard data but also those specific ones - important from the point of view of the company using the system. The contractor's card and the contact person's card also have a full contact history containing such data as notes, tasks, documents, e-mails or sales documents. Of course, such information is made available according to the defined model of rights and privileges.

Companies, contacts in CRM database

File archive and Document Management System

Every user of our CRM can archive any files - most often contracts, offers, orders, technical documentation, photos or calculations. These documents can then be linked to the contractor, the project, the task or the trade document. The CRM module guarantees document storage in one centralized database and convenient mechanisms for quick retrieval of documents. At the same time, it ensures that each employee has access only to the resources that have been made available to them. Each file has its own history - you can easily and quickly check previous versions of the document and see where it was used.

CRM  Document Management System

Products and services detailed database

An important aspect of customer service is quick access to the current offer. An extensive file of products and services offers each employee the opportunity to quickly find information about current price lists, defined promotions and discounts. A centralized data source in the CRM system guarantees a uniform transmission of information regardless of the employee with whom the Customer contacts.

CRM Products and services

Full-featured tool for offer/order creation

Detailed information about the client guarantees that each of the company's employees can prepare offers adjusted to the expectations and requirements of a specific client. The offer wizard in our CRM program ensures that discounts are automatically granted when the document is created and then generates a nice and legible offer. A document prepared in this way can be sent by e-mail or fax (in the form of HTML or PDF). When preparing offers in this way, we create a register of offers, which can then be used to monitor them. Thanks to this, we always know what and for how much we offered to our customers and we also have access to reports such as "Sale Funnel". The system also guarantees the possibility of automatically transforming the winning bid into an order or invoice.

CRM offer order creation tool

Cost and purchase management

The CRM module enables you to keep a detailed register of purchases made from suppliers. In addition, an extensive system of internal cost acceptance guarantees full control over expenditure/requirements submitted by individual employees. This information makes it possible to extend the capabilities of reports and generate reliable profitability analyses.

CRM cost and purchase management

Sales and activity plans 

The basic module is also a tool that helps managers define strategic goals of the company and monitor current activities of employees. Among other things, tools are available for planning the activities (e.g. meetings, telephones), as well as for planning the sales of a given assortment. Each employee will also have the opportunity to analyze the status of their plan implementation on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this mechanism, it is possible to react quickly, e.g. to a drop/increase in sales of a given assortment or employee activity, which will make it easier to make the right decisions in the future.

CRM sales plans

Time planning and delegating tasks

In every company, a very important aspect is the proper planning of tasks. Thanks to the tasks calendar integrated in the system, each of the employees can plan their activities in any time in advance. However, the calendar is not only a tool for planning one's own tasks. It is also a possibility to delegate tasks to other employees and to ensure their proper implementation, which guarantees synchronisation of undertaken activities. In both cases, the program ensures automatic notification of the upcoming task.

CRM Time planning


Calendars are a convenient tool for planning and organizing events over time. However, they are not ideal for managing processes that have a specific end date and the main focus is on monitoring work progress and on-time completion. In that case, a more popular approach is to use a KANBAN board, which allows tasks to be organized in columns. Columns can be used to mark progress in completion, such as "In Progress," "To Be Checked" or "Completed." Combined with drag and drop technology, this makes it easy and convenient to manage the progress of all tasks that need to be completed.

CRM and KANBAN Table

Google Maps integration

Close integration with the Google Maps environment enriches the system with such functions as presentation of the customer's location on a map or route planning. Routes can be mapped on the basis of addresses indicated by the user, however, he can also use the option of automatic selection of intermediate points. In this mode, the CRM module will determine the list of companies to be visited on the basis of information stored in the database (tasks, service visits).

CRM Google Maps integration

Sales reports

The CRM module is equipped with reporting and data analysis mechanisms. Reports available in the basic module enable, among others: checking what and for how much a given customer has purchased, to whom a specific product has been sold, customer segmentations due to generated sales and reporting offers (e.g.: "Sales funnel").

Sales reports CRM


The intranet is a component of a CRM module. The main task of the Intranet is to facilitate and improve the exchange of information within the company. It allows you to manage costs, absences and the process of their acceptance. In the Intranet tab there is also an option of reserving shared resources such as conference rooms, cars, etc. In order to increase the competence of the company's employees and, consequently, better customer service, the Intranet offers internal help, which is a tool for easy exchange of knowledge between the system users. Thus, the system guarantees each of the company's employees access to the database of solved problems, advice, procedures or schemes of actions adopted in the company.

Intranet CRM

Data import/export

The data import and export options allow you to exchange data between the CRM program and another application. This gives the user additional flexibility to analyze the data. Data import is a warranty that the time needed to deploy a CRM system will be shortened as much as possible. The most important data concerning contractors, contact persons, information or products can be automatically and quickly registered in the system.

CRM Data import export

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